Frederick, MD​​​​​​​​​

German Shepherd Dogs

Osah of Sapphire Mountain

 NW1, TD, ETD,

OFA- HIPS Good / Elbows Normal
 OFA- DM Carrier, MDR1-Clear

OFA- Thyroid / Normal

OFA- Cardio / Normal
AKC Registered

Rodina Straze​

Osah is a dark sable very well proportioned female.  She carries strong bone, excellent health and is extremely intelligent. Very strong in both prey and hunt drives. Osah has received training in the disciplines of obedience, tracking, protection, agility, dock diving, scent detection and is Trick dog trained. She has received her NW1 in Nosework, her TD in Tracking and has titled in all levels of Dog Tricks. She is extremely versatile in training and has an amazing attitude for working. Her protection work is very real and her tracking and scent work is exceptional!  She has a good off switch in the house, loves babies and gets along great with our other dog.  Osah's pedigree is suited for Law Enforcement, SAR, Family protection and the production of healthy, strong and versatile working puppies. 

​Through her Father SANTO OF SAPPHIRE MOUNTAIN (Narcotics, Cadaver Level 1), who was a medium large, imposing male with strong head and dark sable color.  Santo's overall working ability was strong, he had high ball/prey drive and at the same time was naturally suspicious of strangers. He had properly developed defense drive and considerable retrieve drive. His natural aggression level was stable and strong, with bite work that has full and hard. He was a agile dog with super ground speed. He had good hunt drive and tracking ability. Santo had nice willingness to work with his handler and sound social judgment. A dominate male yet he was good with other animals; cats, horses, cows, with no dog or handler aggression. 
Through his father Rocky, he is of the 2nd bloodline founded by HETTEL Uckermark over the renown branch of GREIF v. Felsenstein, LOGAN Onix, AJO Ja-Kra, CAR pod Molnosskou banou, CORDON An Sat, TOM z Pohranicni straze. Santo has these excellent producing dogs within his fathers pedigree: IWO von der Buschecke, DRAGO z Humnan, CIR z Vrtovske doliny, AXA z Huckelovy vily, KASO z Pohranicni straze, CLIFF von der Mohnequelle, AXA z Blatenskeho zamku, and HOBBY Venusina Sopka.
From his mothers side he belongs to the 5th bloodline founded by Rolf v. Osnabrucker Land. Oresta brings in the precious blood of former DDR dog - BERRY Christelas through Gero v Markersdorf. Other important ancestors: INGO von Rudingen, Viktor von der Edelquelle, Bojar vom Schotterhof, TREU von Schaferstolz.
Santo was Narcotics certified through the Untied States Forest Service for Narcotics Detection which include the odors of; MJ, Cocaine, Heroin, Exxtasy and Meth. Santo was certified in Cadaver Level 1. and had his semen purchased by the New Zealand Police Dog Breeding Center.

Through her mother, IRIS OF SAPPHIRE MOUNTAIN  was of dark sable color, strong bones and excellent health. She demonstrates a love of tracking, and strong prey - ball drive. She shows desired natural suspicion of strangers and is a forward moving dog to anyone who brings a threat. From her father and mothers side Iris is of the 5th bloodline founded by Rolf v. Osnabruckerland. Her sire MAMBO z POHRANICNI STRAZE: OP1 (76,92), IPO3, ZVV3 Breed Survey: Selected 1st Breed Class, 5JVQ1/P was imported directly from the Czech Republic. Mambo is recognized as one of the last real dogs to be bred in the z Pohranicni straze kennel and is a renown producer of a large number of working progeny worldwide. He was a Medium large male with strong bones, head and dark pigmentation. He carries an excellent "V" rated conformation, excellent hips/elbows and is breed surveyed considerable courage, hardness and fight drive. His Hunt drive is extremely high, tracking and protection skills were very strong, ground speed into the helper was exceptional! His grips were full and powerful. Mambo was a serious dog with a very "real" temperament yet very clear headed demonstrating super judgment around children. Mambo had huge enthusiasm and energy for all work and had very sound nerves. He is one of the very few working dogs in Europe to attain the prestigious ZVV3 title. Iris's Dam was  AJSA BOHEMIA ROM-PAN: ZPS 1, ZVV1, ZVV2, CGC, BH, TR1, TR3, FH, TD, TDX Ajsa’s pedigree is full of excellent working dogs. Of particular interests are the number of Search and Rescue dogs and certified border patrol dogs (SP-PS) in her pedigree. Ajsa's grandmother Darka was both a working SAR and competition dog.  Ajsa's sire, Ary z Valskeho udoli was not only a level 3 competition dog (SchH-A, SchH3, IPO1, ZVV2), he was also an excellent stud dog who sired many working progeny in Europe. Ary was a working SAR dog that carried the following certifications from the International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO):
RH-E (Passed the IRO Test Standards for Rescue Dog Suitability) 
RH-FLA (Passed the IRO Test Standards for Area Search level A)
RH-TA (Passed the IRO Test Standards for Rubble Search level A)
ZZZ (Test of Search and Rescue ability of the Czech Republic)
ZVP1 (The Water Rescue test of the Czech Republic – level 1)
ZZP1 (The Rubble Search test of the Czech Republic – level 1)
Ajsa’s great-grandfather was the excellent competition, working and producing stud dog: Bak Lablapega; 2 x M-CR-ZP ZM, IPO3, ZVV3, ZZP2, RH-FLA. Bak was not only a ZVV3 titled male and working SAR dog, he was a 2 time competitor at the World Championships of Search and Rescue Dogs. In 1995, these championships were held in Osek, CZ. There, Bak earned IRO Rescue Dog World Champion with 1st place in the RH_FLA competition with a high score of 293! In 1996 at Henndorf, Bak earned 3rd. place in IRO Rescue Dog World Champion in the RH-FLA competition with a score of 288. Bak also competed in the Rescue Dog Champion of the Czech Republic in 1992, 1993, 1995.

The genetics behind Osah provide the inheritance of working and service dog qualities of very desired stable and balanced temperament and excellent hip/elbow health. Offspring should be well suited for; Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Schutzund, PSA, Dog sports, and also Personal and Family Protection or companionship.