German Shepherd Dogs

Zajax is a Bi-color male of med to higher drive with a nice off switch and open social temperament. Showing solid nerves and good work ethic.  Zajax is a young and talented dog who loves to please his handler and enjoys to have work to do.   

Zajax is showing super drives in tracking Scoring 94 points

  Dejuco ACE​  "Juko"


​Canadian Import

HD- OFA Excellent      ED- OFA Normal

DM Clear​​

AKC, CKC Registered

Juko is a Dark sable male of Med size. He shows good hardness in his work and a open and social personality.   Juko has a strong grip and a enthusiastic willingness to work and learn. He is being worked toward titles and enjoys each aspect of what he is learning. This young male is social and overall a happy go lucky boy. We look forward to see him progress to titles and produce puppies that will bring some of the outstanding traits of his pedigree forward. 


Frederick, MD​​​​​​​​​

Rodina Straze​

Studs at Rodina Straze German Shepherds

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Stud Dogs below

have been used by Rodina Straze German Shepherds.

Darkfall ZZTop​​ ​​ "Zajax"

​Zvv2, CGCA, TKN

Czech Import​​

HD- A/A       ED- 0/0


 AKC, CMKU Registered

​Scores for Zvv2 ​
Tracking-94  Obedience-80  Protection- 85

​Iwan is a large dark male with super temperament and good social skills. He has High ball and hunt drives with Extreme food drives. He is a natural and skilled tracking dog who is dedicated to his track till the end. Iwan has exceptional work ethic and natural retrieve drives, his work is powerful and with purpose. He loves to please the handler and shows very full and strong grips in bitework. He comes down the field with speed and power to the helper. He has been worked in a bite suit and is very self sure. Iwan shows such drive and power on field and in his work yet lives inside and has a good off switch. Even at 11 years old he acts like a young dog and loves getting all the attention. Iwan received his UKC Champion title easily. He was also a proven dog in Germany producing strong drives and passes his wonderful traits to his puppies.  We have bred to Iwan three times Litter's A, B and C  were sired by this amazing dog.  We have kept back 5 puppies (Aiko, Adia, Belka, Caiya and Ceri z Rodina Straze) from these breedings.  They are showing great promise and have already achieved numerous AKC and UKC titles.  Iwan is owned by Weberhaus German Shepherds. We would like to thank Malinda Weber for the opportunity to have bred to this truly exceptional dog. 

U-CH V-Iwan vom Poppitz

DDR German Import

SV: HD "A" Normal       ED "A" Normal  

   DM- Clear

SV, AKC, UKC  Registered

Top Scores
Tracking-99  Obedience-85  Protection- 97